Audrey Hepburn Side Profile – Charcoal drawing

Nov 20 Audrey Hepburn Side Profile – Charcoal drawing

One of my customers from Etsy recently asked me to create a drawing similar to the exiting print: Audrey Hepburn in hat , featuring her perfect side profile in a quick sketch style. She wanted to have two matching pieces on both sides of her daughter’s bed. I hope her decoration has turned out great and looks as contemporary as the staged image as below. For this particular set, I wasn’t into realistic rendering… I wanted to give the maximum hand drawn feel to it, using rather rough and thick (not sharpened) charcoal pencils.



This particular set doesn’t show her perfect bone structure and almond eyes, but does highlight her unique profile with the small chin and the long neck line… plus super size eye lashes! She always seems so chic and graceful!

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