Dark Fairies on Black Pastel Paper

Oct 29 Dark Fairies on Black Pastel Paper

While I was experimenting with different types of art paper and medium, I had this black paper in my hands. Right off the bat, I thought it’d be great to create a dark night image on, without having to cover the majority of the background space with dark color as on traditional white paper. It will save time and material naturally.

So, I decided to create some dark fairies. I’m not obsessed with dark fantasy stories, but I admit that I’m obsessed with beautiful people, like most girls do… so here they are.

On the black surface, every color stroke you put down becomes light streaking the darkness. Color is not just color. It’s luminous, vibrant… feels more alive. White shimmers and sparkles. It’s a lot of fun.

Dark Fairy Under Moon – Pastels on black paper

Fairy – Pastels on black paper

This quick sketch of Michael Jackson seems to shimmer.

Michael Jackson – White chalk on black

Incredibly vibrant effects can be achieved by using black paper vs. white. It is also beautifully effective in portrait works where by varying the pressure on the pastel it is possible to create very subtle tonal and temperature transitions in the skin.

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