Audrey Hepburn art – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Another Audrey Hepburn art… Yes, I did it again. Not only is she my favorite actress of all time, but also Audrey Hepburn portraits are the best selling items on my “still new” Etsy store, which is encouraging me to dig more. I still have a few more pictures of her that I love so much, but I think I’m almost done with her.

This drawing was inspired by one of the Breakfast at Tiffay’s posters. In the original movie poster, she is sitting at  a full fancy breakfast table.  I replaced the breakfast with a Tiffay’s gift box to play with the movie theme. The concept is the same with my other drawing of Marilyn Monroe with Chanel No 5. The Tiffany blue is so cool and pretty. Who does not like it?


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  1. Larry Fish wrote:

    I agree ! Can’t get enough of Audrey… but I am not done with her !