Audrey Hepburn at Tiffany’s

Hard to believe Breakfast at Tiffany’s is 50 years old. It is probably one of the most beloved movies by women in the world. Why do we love this movie so much? I think both fashion and New York scenes definitely draw female fans. And Audrey Hepburn has made it 100 times better than anyone else could’ve done. Her charming attitude and style totally blind us and make us forget that her character, Holly, is a sad shallow gold digger. I think most women share at least some part of her story and we feel empathy with her. Has any of you not dreamed of being a Cinderella at some point of your life? Does any one hate nice expensive gifts from your man? Isn’t money “better to have than not”? But when it comes to love, more often than not, it doesn’t really go according to your plan.

Out of all the lovely still images from the film, I love this one where she eats a pastry while window shopping outside the Tiffany shop. We know what she’s thinking.  Most women have been there, I’m pretty sure.


  1. Marie wrote:

    Love your sketch!

  2. George Winkleblossom wrote:

    Great moofee….yahhhhhhhh

  3. liana wrote:

    looooove your work!!!!!
    saw your stuff on etsy
    my friend and I were staring at your work for hours, i think you have captured audrey’s essence perfectly.