Happy New Year!

Sending you Happy New Year! from Barcelona, Spain…

This trip has been a great source of creative juice for me. I desperately needed that after working all year without a real break. Looking back, I can’t think of any achievement that I made last year. But one small thing, but a great surprise, was my Etsy shop. Since its opening in late May 2011, it has been going pretty well, better than I ever imagined, although I didn’t create enough artwork nor put any marketing efforts into it.

My New Year resolution? I have a pretty long to-do list, but one of the priorities is to spend more time on art. My full-time job has become somewhat too technical, as the web technology changes every moment, and it has become mostly about organizing content, rather than creating something beautiful. It pays my bill and allows me to take a good vacation, but I will have to find a balance between my web design and fine art this year.

More to come about my Spain trip.