Brigitte Bardot’s Fashion Style

Apr 10 Brigitte Bardot’s Fashion Style

I can’t leave Brigitte Bardot out of my star portrait collection, can I? She was one of the biggest fashion icons in the 1950s and 60s. Almost every famous model has donned a Brigitte Bardot look.

Bardot’s style was very chic, feminine and rather casual than glammed up. Her iconic pieces include: a wide hairband and a black bow worn over a loose up-do or naturally flowing long hair, skinny jeans, cute cardigans, striped t-shirts, simple day dresses, a cream trench coat and ballet flats. Her hair was always big, but her relaxed up-do which allowed her to pin her hair up loosely without looking too “done” or too messy is still looking so good.

I think this watercolor painting captured her femininity pretty well. I sprinkled a little salt on her feather.

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