Charcoal Portrait Drawing

Jan 17 Charcoal Portrait Drawing

Just finished a commission work. It took me about one week from sketching the initial outline to spraying final fixative.  For any artwork no matter how simple it is, I need extra time to sit on it. Even if I’m happy with what I’ve drawn today, next day I always discover something new that I don’t like and I need to fix.  That’s why most masterpieces are done over months or even years and years.

I used charcoal pencils for the most part (thin and thick, from soft to hard). For the background, I used willow charcoal, which is much softer and easier to blend. In the portrait drawing, capturing the likeness is the most important, and now comparing the original picture and the result side by side… well, I’ve could’ve done better. The client seemed very happy though.

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