Colored Pencil Portrait Series

Jul 09 Colored Pencil Portrait Series

I recently finished an interesting project — a portrait series of great thinkers and philosophers, which I have zero knowledge in. The client works at a psychology and sociology research institute, and these will be displayed in the living room area. I felt such an honor to work on the portraits of these important figures that my client and her colleagues admire.

Working on male portraits from different eras turned out to be a lot more fun than I’d initially anticipated.

Descartes: Unique facial feature: eyes, arched up eye brows, facial hairs and disheveled hair makes it a very interesting portrait

Gendlin: lots of wrinkles, very cool. The original picture was dull and flat, lacking color. I threw in different shades for the skin and hair to make it alive.

Leibniz: love his super curly wig.

Generally I don’t try to achieve super fine realistic rendering. That’s what cameras do. I love to leave imperfection that only human hands can create.

Closeup: My pencil strokes not always neat and clean. Sloppy and messy is okay.

Another one in this philosopher series.

Male portrait

Kant portrait, watercolor

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