Elizabeth Taylor – Acrylic painting

Jun 10 Elizabeth Taylor – Acrylic painting

Upon Elizabeth Taylor’s death earlier this year, I saw her images and tributes literally everywhere — on the internet and TV, LA times and my weekly/monthly magazines. It was too much, but I couldn’t help saying out loud to myself “Gosh, she was so pretty”. They say she wasn’t just a pretty doll. Actually her acting skill was great.  I’ve added a bunch of her movies to my Netflix queue. Some of her movies are still marked “long wait” on Netflix.

I guess she was never as sensational as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, whose pictures still dominate art posters and even t-shirts.  Maybe she was more focused on acting than making a strong iconic image as the other two. Or her notorious marriage history ruined her image.

This Acrylic painting was an experiment for me. I simplified details and shades, outlined shapes with black bold lines in order to achieve a posterized look, like Pop art.

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