How to save money on art supplies

Jun 24 How to save money on art supplies

Art supplies are generally expensive. In my neighborhood, I don’t have a real art store. When I started drawing and painting, I went to Aaron Brothers and bought whatever I wanted for the original full price.  As I was making more visits to the store, I’ve discovered ways to save a huge amount of money on the art supplies.

They have weekly coupons available on their website. Coupons I love the most are 40-50% off on a single item.   Now I don’t go to the store without coupons. I usually wait to buy any expensive item until 50% off coupons are back on their website. Also, they have “buy one and second one for 1 cent sale” frequently on select items.

More good news to save my art supply cost… One time, I couldn’t find what I wanted so I asked the clerk at the Aaron Brothers, and she said Michael’s arts and crafts had more art stuff. Since then, I’ve been going to Michael’s more often than Aaron Brothers. Everything over there is a bit cheaper, plus just like Aaron Brother’s they have weekly coupons and sales on select items all year round. Michael’s is a sister store with Aaron Brothers, so they do the same kind of promotions. Michael’s also carries a generic brand called “Artist’s Loft”, which seems to be made for students.  I’ve found their canvases are steals. Compared to the premium canvases I have, they seem a bit flimsy, not ideal for heavy duty paintings.

Joann’s is similar to Michael’s, and they so have various saving offers almost every day.

Online stores seem to have better pricing, but the shipping cost is usually ridiculous. I buy things that are no available at my local stores. Online stores send promotions via their newsletters, so be sure to sign up for their newsletters.

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