Inspiration – Sophie Griotto

Jul 05 Inspiration – Sophie Griotto

Sophie Griotto is one of my favorite illustrators.  Her work is really vivid, col­or­ful, soft, fem­i­nine, dynamic and very inven­tive.

Born in Alès, France, Sophie Gri­otto is inspired by the con­tem­po­rary urban woman. Using pencils and pastel crayons, and some digital techniques, she creates beautifully feminine images through fashion illustrations and story-boards. I’m not sure how much digital effect she adds to her illustration, but it looks to me it is quite a lot. Maybe I just don’t know how  to create such soft images with pastels and pencils. Make sure you check her online port­fo­lio for more stun­ning fash­ion illus­tra­tion work.

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