Marilyn Monroe in Sepia – My first Etsy sale!

Jun 04 Marilyn Monroe in Sepia – My first Etsy sale!

This was my very first sold item on Etsy… Actually the first thing I ever sold in my life. Yay!

The original picture was black and white, but I thought it would look great in earth tones. Her turtle neck and the wood wall (maybe a barn) … it feels like late Autumn.

I used Conte pencils, which come in earth tones,  such as Sanguine and Sepia. They are made from compressed chalk and graphite bound together with gum and a little grease, so they are less messy than Charcoal or graphite pencils. Though it is harder to fix errors.

On this scanned image, the rendering looks somewhat coarse, but on a print and the original drawing, it looks softer. Always on monitor screens, everything tends to look sharper than what it really looks on a paper surface.

Prints are available for purchase here.

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