Romantic Louis Vuitton – Pastel pencil drawing

Aug 13 Romantic Louis Vuitton – Pastel pencil drawing

This drawing was inspired by Louis Vuitton ad campaigns from 2007 (I believe). The model was Scarlet Johansson holding a shopping bag, but I decided to make the face sort of anonymous and replace the bag with a famous everyday shoulder bag, Neverfull MM.  For the most part, I used my Faber-Castell’s Pitt pastel pencils and for the Louis Vuitton monogram canvas, I used a brown marker to give it a pop. Overall, I think it has turned out very warm, soft and feminine, so I’m calling it “Romantic LV”

I like to use pastel pencils for relatively small drawings. They are not as messy or dusty as pastel sticks.  It doesn’t irritate my throat like pastel sticks do. They are suitable for lines, shading and delicate color transitions, and also for extended areas. Use them for sketches, studies, portraits, still-lifes, and landscape drawings.

Colors don’t seem as rich in pigment as I hope and they seem to lighten on fixing, compared to regular pastel sticks, but for the convenience and my health… yeah, I would choose pastel pencils in a heartbeat.

According to Faber-Castell, their pencils are made using environmentally safe, high-quality materials and low-pollution processes. The company uses only wood from its own reforestation and soil conservation project in Brazil to manufacture pencils. Faber-Castell grows its own trees on land that was once denuded and deforested, subject to soil erosion. The company even recycles the waste products from manufacturing pencils to increase the fertility of the soil. Interesting!

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Speaking of Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, it’s my favorite. $1000 well spent. Some might argue it’s crazy to spend that much money for a bag, but it lasts forever, not only the physical bag but also the style which never goes out of style, and you can carry anything in it, and anywhere. There are a few ways to save money on LV bags. Buy them in Europe. It’s approximately 30% cheaper, with the exchange rate and a VAT refund considered. But I understand traveling to Europe is not easy. For preowned bags, on Tradesy you really need to be careful to know what you are buying. Fashionphile seems more trustworthy since the company is a actual seller. Never buy a new designer bag from eBay. Anything for less than a half price is fake.

Me with LV Neverfull MM – Versatile stylish everyday bag!

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