Shirley Temple Watercolor Painting

Mar 21 Shirley Temple Watercolor Painting

Shamefully, I haven’t seen any of Shirley Temple’s movies or shows. I sometimes happen to catch a commercial of her collection on TV, which always makes me wish to squeeze her. She was a perfectly cute and adorable girl, like a living doll. Unfortunately her popularity waned as she reached adolescence, and she left the film industry at the age of twelve.  Nevertheless, she sure had a super star career at such young ages.

This was my very first attempt to paint her. It was fun, but wasn’t easy. I hope at least I captured her priceless cuteness.

  • José Antonio
    Posted on Feb 06, 2016 Reply

    ***CORRECTION: Shirley left film industry at 21-years-old.

    Lovely painting, BTW

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