Spanish art in La Rambla, Barcelona

Jan 04 Spanish art in La Rambla, Barcelona

La Rambla is a famous pedestrian oriented boulevard running through the heart of Barcelona. A bustling area of commercial and cultural activity, La Rambla is itself one of the city’s most famous attractions. It is lined with businesses of all types and famous landmarks, including multiple buildings designed by famed Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi and a fresh produce and meat market. A note of warning: the street is known for high concentrations of pickpockets, and as a seedy area after dark.

What I enjoyed the most walking down La Rambla was the local artists’ paintings. As a tourist in Spain, I was more drawn to the Spanish theme than other general ones such as portraits… although my specialty is portraits. I thought the prices were very good for quality original paintings.

Here are pictures of some of the paintings I liked.

Spanish paintings

Spanish paintings

Spanish paintings

Spanish paintings

  • Marc Awalt
    Posted on Feb 18, 2013 Reply

    The second picture down is of paintings that I’m trying to track down. I was in Barcelona in 2010 and loved the bright almost plastic looking paintings but I don’t know what type of paintings they are. Can you help so I can find some to purchase? Thank you

  • Martin
    Posted on Mar 29, 2014 Reply

    I was in Barcelona last year and bought a painting from this artist, who wasn’t at their stand at the time. I was trying to figure out who it was, and wondered if you knew anything about the painter? Any leads would be appreciated.

  • Al
    Posted on Sep 07, 2015 Reply

    Do you know if fine art painters can sell art on the street in Barcelona?

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