The Louvre – Take as many pictures as you’d like

Jul 26 The Louvre – Take as many pictures as you’d like

The Louvre is immense. From outside, the size is so overwhelming that you would think you would never walk through a small piece of it. I recommend  you spend a half day to a full day at the museum.

Besides the size, there were a few other thing that surprised me.

The Louvre is one of the most crowded and loud museum I’ve ever been. It is generally very bright with natural sunlight in the most rooms, which I thought was unusual for any art museum. I thought even indirect sunlight could damage art.

One of the oddest things, but my favorite is… you are absolutely free to take pictures in the Louvre. Most museums are very strict about photography, some entirely banning it. There are signs asking people not to use flash, but I saw just about everyone flashing away while the Louvre personnel looked on nonchalantly. I don’t like museums that ban any kind of photography all together, but the people using flash must be brainless. It could damage art.

First time I went, I directly followed the sign for Mona Lisa. You can just follow the crowd, especially Asian tour groups. They go see Mona Lisa and call it done : ) You will be surprised again to see how small Mona Lisa is and how crowded the room is. It is like a market place. By contrast, on the opposite wall, there is a massive painting titled  ‘The Wedding at Cana’ by Paolo Veronese, 1563.

As a tourist myself, I had to take pictures of me in the Mona Lisa room as a proof that I was there ; ) and I took a picture of me in front of the giant painting on the opposite wall.

Not all the rooms are busy or loud. Some rooms are quiet and empty enough to enjoy the exhibits in peace.

Enjoy the freedom of taking pictures, but please don’t forget to change the flash mode to “off”.

Good tips on how to make most of the rare opportunity to explore the Louvre.

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