Watercolor warm up

May 15 Watercolor warm up

A lot of beginning artists ask this question “How do I start?” They may take lessons, watch Youtube videos, read books that will take you from sketching to mixing colors, to putting down initial wash, etc.  My advice, which some may find useless, is buy cheap watercolor paints and go ahead try. Explore many unexpected possibilities and have fun.

I never was a school or book person. I did finish my college and extra career program,  but barely. I’m a doer, because I’m impatient ; )  If anything doesn’t work properly, I fiddle with the device first without referencing the manual. That’s how I started my watercolor painting too. I got my paints, and I just tried to make it close to the actual objects. There’s no right or wrong in how you mix your colors or how wet or dry the paint should be, etc. These are a few from my early practice work. Often fruits are good objects to paint for exercise, since they tend to have simple shapes with interesting hues and freckles, etc.

If the first try doesn’t turn out well, then find a class or watch Youtube tutorial videos to improve your skills.


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